Employee Dishonesty

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RGA Claims Management handles claims that are the result of fraudulent employee activities, including theft, forgery, computer fraud, and embezzlement.

With the incidence and severity of employee dishonesty cases on the rise, swift and diligent handling of these sensitive claims is imperative. We have a tenacious mindset when it comes to solving these claims while always keeping in mind the sensitive nature of our investigations. Our inherent curiosity enables us to determine how the crime happened, when it happened, who allowed it to happen, and why.

RGA takes a professional and empathetic approach to the problem, counseling victims of employee dishonesty throughout the process. The ripple effects of these crimes are far-reaching, and it is our duty to fully examine and understand not only the financial loss, but also the resulting guilt and vulnerability. Our complex claim handling expertise and unwavering dedication to uncover the truth demonstrates RGA’s unwavering commitment to our customers. Our team includes the industry’s top experts in Employee Dishonesty, ensuring RGA Claims Management is the right choice for these claims.


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