Catastrophe Claims Management

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As long as global temperature change and volatile weather patterns exist, there will be a ubiquitous need for Catastrophe Claims Management services.

Because of this, RGA Claims Management provides complete CAT claims management to our existing client base. For these clients, whether it be natural or man-made disasters, our team is equipped to mobilize resources quickly and effectively to mitigate damage to our clients’ policyholders. Our inherent sense of urgency and rigorous adherence to quality assurance benefit our customers by minimizing damage and business interruption as much as possible.

RGA Claims Management also offers Disaster Planning Services to assist our clients in organizing and preparing for a catastrophic event. Our core clients depend on RGA to take control in the aftermath of a CAT event, to deliver a consistent work product even through increased volume. We provide our clients a level of security that every claim we handle in a CAT will be acutely prioritized and adjusted to our clients’ highest standards.


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